Equipment to sandblast things with high precision, especially for the requirements of the dental laboratories. 

• Eliminates rapidly and with precision the remains of coatings, oxide in metals and are used to clean the interior side of the crowns.
• Excellent results are obtained when you make a rouge area, in order that the ceramic have adherence. It´s ideal to remove the coatings from injected ceramic structures and inceram.

• This sandblaster works with two different abrasive. It depends on which one is going to be used; the peak is chosen to work. The peak is selected inside of the cabin.

• Has two metallic tanks to store the abrasive, more assurance than the glass or plastic deposits. 

• To initiate the function of the abrasive use the electrical pedal. Inside has a filter incorporated to eliminate the dampness and oils in the entry air.

• On the top it has a door made up of glass that allows an easy access and an excellent view of the space of work. Good illumination.

• The glass door is protected by a plastic protector of easy refill to work with a better visibility.

• Has an air regulator and manometer that modifies the pressure of work. 

• This equipment is prepared for the installation of a general or individual aspiration unit.


Technical Specifications

• Power Source: 220 V. (Optional 110 V.)

• Frequency: 50 Hz.

• Power: 1100 W.

• Fuse: 5 Amp.

• Right Position T1 (Thine mesh) - Abrasive measure: Mesh 180 – Microns 64 / 90

• Left Position T2 (Thick mesh) - Abrasive measure: Mesh 120- Microns 106 / 125


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