This equipment has double space. Two-cabin sandblaster appropriated to sandblast aluminum oxide or glass balls. Ideal to sandblast fixed rings.

• Each cabin works independently. Each one responds to a button that allows air enter into the camera ones is pushed, moving the abrasive in constant circulation.

• In the back, each cabin has an air exit covered by a fiber filter which hold and accumulate the small sandblasting particles. This way only expels clean air to the exterior.

• The equipment connection to the compressed air line is for 6 mm pipe, this one is included.

• On the top of each cabin has a door made up of glass that offers an easy access and an excellent view of the space of work.

• To have an optimal view, the glass of the door is protected by a plastic and transparent material. It is easy to change it

• To work inside the camera, the equipment has two rubber gloves, one on each side.

• Each cabin is illuminated by a light and has in its sides an orifice from where you take out the abrasive just used.

Technical Specifications

• Power Source: 220 V. (Optional 110 V).

• Frequency: 50 Hz.

• Power: 220 W.

• Fuse: 1 Amp. 

• Feeding air pressure: from 4 to 6 bar.

• Abrasive measure: Mesh 80 / 180 – Microns 63 / 212.


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