Micro motor and Vacuum


This equipment is designed to work many different kinds of Micro motor and Vacuum inhaler at the same time. 

[AUTO] Vacuum inhaler is operated automatically as Micro motor works. 

[HAND] When you use only Micro motor, you can work Vacuum inhaler just in case of need. 

- You are able to control the power of inhalation by using the volume. 

กุ Depending on the type of Micro motor and Vacuum inhaler, the settings may be different. (For the way of setting, Please refer to the operation manual.) 

Convenient to control Micro Motor (Hand piece) and Vacuum.

Possible to use a variety of Micro Motor and Vacuum.


Minimize a loss of power and noise through the operation of Auto function. 

Possible to use Auto function by precise sensor.


Possible to control the inhale velocity by the knob controller.


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