Wax Carving Pencil(Economic)


Denstar-140N (WAX CARVING PENCIL) is a device for dental technology, and is a device for plastic dental surgery of wax model and electric carving of digital method. Its compact size makes it easy to carry with, and its simple design and strengthened function increased convenience of users.

Long lifespan, and Ergonomic design.

Emits accurate temperature, since it has little deviation of temperature by stable supply of power.

Memory Function : Memorizes prior working temperature even after turning off and on the power 

Error Function : Protects the product by cutting the circuit automatically through the sensor when an outer defect is made by mistake of the user.

Cradle for Holder : It is enhanced userกฏs convenience by adapting the magnetic cradle for holder.

Chest : There is translucent chest in the rear of product for easy storage of carving tips.


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