- Silfradent aspirators are professional equipment, built to filter out thoroughly and efficiently, materials detrimental to health. 
- The various models differ in capacity and power.
- For normal sandblasting operations of shorter duration, 801ASP suffice.
- The AS1000 is recommended for more intensive use and has a bigger capacity of 37 litres.
- All models are very quiet (only 65 DBA) and built to last.
- Motor with two stages filtering system
- Casing made of ABS material (anti-rust)

Silfradent safety features:
It is a recognised fact that inhalation of certain abrasives can lead to lung scarring and serious ill-health, especially amongst dental technicians. Hence Silfradent has equipped our aspirators with four filters to guarantee maximum filtrage:
1 Recovery bag, in robust cotton S321SACTEL
2 Anti-static, ?self-cleaning? filter S321CALZA
3 Safety micro-filter S321FILT
4 Polyester Filter S321CESTCOM

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