MIXER MC 806   
Mixer Machine


A new generation mixer with innovative features enabling best mixing of all traditional and new type investment and plaster materials.

- Vacuum pressure set-up level for weight of the material with pre-spatulation timed mode with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
- Venturi vacuum system for maintenance free operation
- Three dimensional spatulation system: horizontal-diagonal-vertical with set up of rotation mode for type and volume of material
- Vibrator programmed for vibration force and time
- The mixer can be fitted with a micromotor with brushes from the Silfradent laboratories
- All stainless steel unit with an in-built 
- Polycarbonate long-life mixing bowls and easy cleaning
- A step programming menu with easy settings for: beep - contrast - type of display - language - mixer - micromotor
- During manual operation the controls can be accessed directly to switch individual functions on and off.
- During automatic operation each component function can be programmed to switch on and off: vibration, mixing, vacuum. All controls are fully intuitive.
- A micromotor of MM 330 - MM 330V at 27.000 rpm can be operated with the mixer
- Incorrect usage blocking mechanism
- Working data can be set directly
- Memory with 10 pre-set programs with rapid scrolling with temporary or memory up-grade modification of variables 
- During a work-cycle variable can be modified

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