Mixer 805

Mixer 805   
Mixer machine


The 805 Mixer is a versatile machine, mixing and pouring investment and plaster materials. It can perform a complete cycle (mixing and pouring) or under partial vacuum, as desired.

- An electronically controlled, geared motor to activate the mixing cups directly below it.
- A digital timer to predetermine mixing times, right down to seconds. 
- Mixing times can even be increased, decreased or stopped during the working phase. 
- Same data used last is indeed stored thanks to the incorporated microprocessor. 
- Built in vibrator: the compactness of the investment can be improved during the mixing phase by switching on the ?vibrator? button
- Supplied with a 2 m3 pump, this instrument is able to create a full vacuum instantly.
- Mixing bowls are designed such that remains of contents can be easily tipped out.
- All the metal components are made of stainless steel to guarantee long use.

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