Cutter 970

Cutter 970   
Stump Tooth Separator


To slice models quickly, cleanly and safely, Silfradent has come up wtih the stump-tooth separator ?Cutter 970?. With just one movement, stumps are separated impeccably every single time. This is particularly useful with the techniques Dowel Pins, Accu Trac and Tricodent.

Silfradent Safety Aspects:
- Security cover for the diamond disc, preventing any accidental contact with the disc
- Electromagnetic floor, with strong pull to ensure maximum stability of the impression tray
- Swift action - special ?two handed? ignition mechanism which activates simultaneously two buttons and sets the disc in rotation.
- Safe recovery - A special extension spring, returns the cutting arm back to it?s resting position.
- Quick stop - Once the commands are released, the transmission belt interrupts the rotation after few seconds.

For clean surroundings
We advise combining the ?CUTTER 970? to the aspirator 801ASP (900 watt). A universal connection is provided for at the back of the cutter.
The diamond disc is suitable for cutting plaster models and resin materials.
The machine is equipped with the Dowel-Pins impression tray.
The Impression trays Accu-Trac and Tricodent are available as optionals.

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