Drill FG 900

Drill FG 900   
Drill Machine


It''s constructed for high precision work. FG 900 provides absolute control and yet effortless drilling. Characteristics include:

- Excellent visibility of selected point located by the laser pointer

- It also enables hands-free drilling of plaster models, resin or plexiglass bases.

- Exact depth perforation can be increased or decreased between burr and work level by means of the adjustment nut. 

- Drilling micrometric regulation.

- The machine is equipped with a special spindle which can be adapted to different burrs by using variable chucks (the standard one covers sizes between mm2,8 and mm3,2). 

- FG 900 is therefore compatible with all model systems.

- It comes with a cone shaped tungsten burr from 2 to 3 mm.

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