High speed grinder RP 100

High speed grinder RP 100   
High speed grinder


- The induction grinder, of Casali fame, is known for extreme durability and tough performance.

- Average problem-free lifespan of 30 years or more is common.

- Unique feature:- Smooth tool changeover: -The "non stop" spindle (S019) is supported by a swinging arm enables tool to be changed while motor is running. Workflow is continuous and time saved for higher productivity.

- Precision - The spindle comes in contact with the dental prothesis gently, for painstaking work.

- Hence the Rapida does not have a built in aspirator but a Vacuum Shell base with an outlet for connection to the (optional) BR100 suction bench.

- Working area is well-lit, with a movable lamp for accurate positioning. Bulbs are commercially available for easy replacements.

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