VS 350 - VS 600 - VS 900

VS 350 - VS 600 - VS 900   
Ultrasound bath


The Silfradent ultrasound bath is created for optimal results and ease of use using innovative technology. Cleaning and grease removal is enhanced tremendously with the ultrasound system, as compared to traditional methods.

How Silfradent ultrasound works:
It is based on ultrasonic transmission of electricity at a frequency of around 30 Khz 30,000 movements per second.
If the intensity of the ultrasound is sufficient, the cavity within the microbubbles in the liquid will build up and burst. The microexplosion takes place at a temperature of 14000 degrees and a pressure of 1000 atmospheres .
An advanced electronic control drives the transmitters to produce maximum results. A micro control monitors the supervisory system and verifies all the parameters:-control of temperature, time of working, electrical security and frequency of resonance in case of breakdown.

Why Silfradent Ultrasound Bath?

1. For the price of a mechanical machine, you get a fully programmable, electronically safe vessel ? see point 3.
2. Cleaning power increases proportionately with the amount of material within the bath.
3. Three levels of positive electronic temperature control:-
- Automatic shutdown in case of overheating, thank to a specific built in thermostat
- Safety software central processing unit (CPU) ensures optimal current supply 
- In case of short-circuit, the CPU stops machine, preventing electric shocks for the user. (This feature may not be available with normal mechanical ultrasound machines)
- Additional backup system by the CPU means that you can continue using the machine in case of breakdowns

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