Model Trimmer


Dry trimmers 801 S - 801 SD

Dry trimming is increasingly popular as the models are more accurate, not being exposed to the changes in humidity and drying, as in the case of wet trimming. Furthermore, waste discharge can be conveniently sucked away, thus bypassing disposal environmental problems. 

Silfradent dry trimmers 801 S and 801 SD also have the following features:
- Strong motors which rotate the disc at 2800 rpm and at the same time maintaining a constant high torque.
- A curved and pleasant design which is also dust and water repellent . 
- Powder is vacuumed up by connecting a high power (900 watt) aspirator ( 801 ASP) to the machine. 
- Both trimmer and aspirator are programmed to function simultaneously. 
- Easy maintenance ? Periodic cleaning of the oil sump is done simply by removing the front cover, with an hexagonal screw key.

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