Modular S

Modular S   


The Modular S is a practical sandblaster with a flexible modular system. It is studied to fulfil all lab sandblasting or surface finishing needs, using aluminium oxides or glass micro-beads.
The dental technician can start with all three modules or just one. He can add on more modules at a later stage; from the model S 100 (with one module) to model S 300 (with three modules). 
This allows for specific choices of abrasives to match the technical requirements of the work. 

Silfradent Specials:
- Air Humidity/ Oil Remover are built in. The condensation release switches prevent blockages common with ordinary sandblasters. 
- Metal modules ?withstands accidental excessive pressure 
- The glass cover is protected by an easily replaceable sheet to ensure clear visibility at all times.
- Controls are within sandblaster cabin for easy access.

- The structure of the working chamber and the illumination system provide excellent visibility.
- Each module is equipped with pressure gauge and regulator
- Module selector
- Safe ?low voltage foot control pedal
- An universal connection for aspirator (Silfradent model S321ASP) is provided on the left side 
- A rapid connection for air entrance is provided on the right side
- Two switches to discharge condensation by the micro filters below the air entrance.

Sandblaster with recycling

Our sandblasters are also available with a special built in recycling system. For blasting investment material and removal of casting skin/polishing.

- The pressure can be regulated by means of a special indicator visible inside the manometer
- Suction device ??Venturi?system
- For recycling ? Selection switch provided.
- Widiam nozzle
- It is suitable for any type of sand (aluminium oxide, glass microspheres?)

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