Steam cleaner


In addition to the previous characteristics (see model EV4) the EV4KS model is equipped with a detergent module. This has proved to be especially useful for cleaning prothesic products and for cleaning various instruments. It makes cleaning more thorough and speeds up time required. 

Simultaneous delivery - detergent is ejected when white & green buttons on the spray gun are pressed at the same time.
Detergent flow can be regulated by adjusting the knob at the bottom front of the KS module.
Generous tank with easy to remove plexiglas cover minimises refilling.

The detergent can be added to steam or water-steam mixture, as displayed on the machine.
A vertical see-through slot facilitates checking of remaining detergent level. 

We recommend using only biodegradable products.esp. TENSOPOL*Avoid foam or acid detergents: 
*"TENSOPOL 10" (see below) is a multi-purpose degreasing concentrate, specially conceived for lab use.

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