Portable Digital All In One X-Ray


Dental digital radiography is one of the latest armamentarium which has polished the quality of dental treatment procedures. It has made life easy for the dental professionals around the world. Treatment procedures which always took multiple visits and ample time periods with an average prognosis are now quite possible within a single sitting and much better prognosis.

Technology professionals at Dexcowin are always working for the betterment and improvement of digital dental radiographic devices for you. We proudly present another of our improved inventions incordless portable digital all in one x ray systems for helping out your professional skills in dentistry. Portable ADX4000 is now ready to replace the previous versions of mounted X-Ray machines.

Portable ADX4000 provides you with,

  • Convenience of being cordless,
  • Charging battery pack of loading and unloading type,
  • Minimum chances of radiation exposure as it emits 1/7th radiations as compared to previous systems,
  • More compact in size and shape,
  • Has inverter type high frequency circuit incorporated in it,
  • Applicable to both digital and film type sensors,
  • A fully charged battery can take about 300 shots,
  • Better LCD image display with built in diverse image processing technology features,
  • High memory capacity of storing more than 1000 images,
  • Wireless transfer of pictures to your laptops and personal computers to minimize virus transmissions,
  • Having a touch panel screen in it,
  • Having a covered battery slot for prevention of dust contamination.

Portable ADX4000 has got all the requirements you need for a quality dental radiographic image. It is an important diagnostic tool for your dental office.

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