Steam cleaner


"Evolution" series of steam cleaners are results of Silfradent?s long experience in this field. With a choice ranging from economical portable units (EV1) to advanced, self-diagnostic machines (EV4 and EV4KS). 
EV series fulfil safely and efficiently all cleaning needs. From decontamination of metal castings, to removal of investment residue, washing of burrs etc.

Evolution EV4

The EV4 model is the most sophisticated of the range. In addition to the self-diagnostic micro-controller, it has a higher pressure of 8 bars, powerful enough to pre-sterilise and decontaminate equipment. It offers:
- A fixed nozzle for steam saturated to 8 bars, to decontaminate e.g. ceramics, (not possible with 6 ATM). 
- A "spray" button on the digital panel starts this cycle and high temperature is maintained as steam is ejected directly from the machine. 
- Hands-free operation - User has both hands free to turn object being washed.
- A mobile spray gun, for steam (or water and steam) mixed to 6 bar for standard cleaning
- A gentle 4 bar wash programme (?washing?selection button) releases a continuous water and steam jet for delicate items e.g. waxes.

To catch waste water from the nozzle spray, we recommend the convenient , handsome stainless steel vessel (item- EVVASC)
Silfradent Safety Aspects: 
- Boilers are specially constructed in explosive-proof materials
- Low voltage anti-electric shock command
- Temperature sensors on the boiler to prevent overheating 
- Machines are programmed to shut down in case of overheating.

Common Characteristics:
- Boiler constructed in explosive-proof material
- Bracket for wall attachment and water softener free delivered with order 
- Pressure and "self-control" display
- Low voltage anti-electric shock command
- Console selection for steam or water-steam 
- Mobile spray gun with low voltage command and flow delivery regulation

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