Minicruise 420 JM

Minicruise 420 JM  
Milling Machine


The Minicruise 420 JM is a simple and economical instrument for any type of dental milling by hand. 
On the lower part of the column, which rises from the base, the pneumatic circuit commands are found. On the upper part, is placed the pantograph arm.

The pantograph arm is characterised by its manoeuvrability, by a support designed for a fast attachment to the micromotor and by the ability to adjust the height for predetermined operations. Located on the lower part of the column are the controls for the cooling jets and the pneumatic base depressor.

The addition of the arm art. 425BRA makes it possible to direct the pantograph, both on the vertical and on the lateral axes of the machine, thus allowing guided working of holes, interlock channels, and attachment mounting. The spindle for projection and attachment setting is optional (art. 440MANDPOR). 

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