Air Box 342 B

Air Box 342 B  
Turbine control


Silfradent offers two turbine control versions:
The Air box 340: air control unit with Borden attachment
The Air Box 342 B: air/spray control unit with Borden attachment.

The air flow is immediately operative on connection to a source of compressed air. 
By pressing the pneumatic pedal, regulated and filtered air is delivered to the turbine.

The air pressure is adjustable by lifting the knob and turning it clockwise to decrease it.
The pressure gauge constantly displays the level of pressure.
The filter regulator is supplied with a filter and an automatic device which releases condensation when the air current is cut off from the control group. The condensation release device can be inserted or disconnected by turning the knob below the cup filter. 

Air box 342 B
Technical features
(Suitable for the turbine TB 800S -available on request)

- Precision filter regulator 
- Pressure gauge display
- Pneumatic pedal control 
- Coiled cable
- Borden attachment
- Spray jet (with flow regulation)
- Independent water tank

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